Naruto x tsunade lemon fanfic

by Tamult. A lemon fic whose purpose is to make a loose plot for the addition of Lemons. Naruto is found wanting for a medical review as his Uzumaki heritage and ….

Naruto Uzumaki, the young brat himself had become an obsession for Tsunade. Since she encountered him at the young age. Even when he was just a loud mouth brat she still couldn't help but want him then. An unyielding emotion had engaged her. All consuming until she grew with an unhealthy obsession for the young boy.Tsunade says. Sakura takes deep breath before getting into place and replying with an 'Alright'. Tsunade smiled before stepping into place as well, the two battled, and battle lasting for about 3 hours. It was now around the afternoon when Tsunade wrapped their training up. Sakura bent down, her hands on her knees panting from that work out ...

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Tsunade hefted Shizune up onto her back and carried her piggy back style. "Mm, come on Stud.". Tsunade said sultrily, but still quite drunk. "Grab the pervert and follow me.". Naruto's head whipped over to the older woman before he quickly grabbed Jiraiya and hefted him up to follow Tsunade.Naruto thought, while wondering what was happening. Though Naruto gasped and looked down, his eyes widening, when he felt the Heavenly Prison begin fading away from his body, while feeling his Chakra flowing through him again. "It's…It's gone." Naruto muttered, his voice muffled from the respirator, shocked the Heavenly Prison was gone.When they finally got back to Naruto's house he was exhausted. Taking care of Ino for a third of the night was tiring. Helping her into the house was no easy task either. He thought to himself as he closed the door behind them. First thing he needed to do was get her on the opposite side of the bedroom.Summary: A bit of a twist on the old Civilian Council in Konoha Cliche. There's a reason the Civilians control Konoha behind the scenes. They've been doing it for a long time. And now with Minato dead, their power is no longer in danger... quite nice how that worked out. An ancient smutty two-shot with more porn than plot! Written in 2017! Enjoy!

Naruto Uzumaki was many things a bit dim, a little loud, obsessed with ramen to the point of addiction, but one thing that no one could say that he wasn't was caring. It didn't matter to him who you were or weren't he saw you as you not as the heir to a rich family or as a kage of one of the five great villages he saw everyone the same and he ...An unknown force dragged him into a little cave-like hole at the bottom of the lake. Meanwhile, Sasuke felt himself succumbing to the chakra exhaustion, and passed out, lying besides the torrent of water. Let the sky fall, when it crumbles. We will stand tall, and face it all together. At skyfall.We don't own anything. —. The Sequel: Lemon of a Clan. Chapter 3. Naruto and others are walking back after weeks since their cruise, and now they're heading back to Konoha as he looks back, and the ladies he went with are pregnant as Naruto remembers back at the Spring.The folks America's Test Kitchen wanted to see how to keep lemons juicy and fresh as long as possible, and the answer is simple: put them in a zipper bag and toss them in the fridg...This fic deals with Tsunade x Mei and occurs around the same time as the previous one. Again though, you do not need "A Broken Promise" to understand this. Just a heads up, the second half of the story takes place around Chapter 491 or Episode 222 and the last part takes place during Chapter 601 or Episode 344.

A long lemon between pre-timeskip Naruto and Tsunade. They had a hotel room together and the noise bothered Hinata and the other leaf ninja in the building. Related TopicsChapter 9: Seducing God's Angel. -Somewhere in the Land of Fire-. Kurotsuchi, Zombina, Naruto and Kakashi were seen hopping along through the trees in fire country. Recently there have been numerous reports from the border patrol of an Akatsuki member roaming the area. Catching wind of this Tsunade sent the four to locate and capture this ...I would say just have both Hiruzen AND Tsunade there. Just before running away from the chunin exams invasion Orochimaru gets one last kick in and sends Hiruzen flying through the village, only for him to crash through the bathroom window of Naruto's apartment and land directly in his still full bathtub, healing from his injuries as he soaks in the dirty bathwater. ….

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linkffn (Finally by hyvnn) it's a post-war fic and surprisingly good. 5. Award. [deleted] • 7 yr. ago. I personally didn't like this coz it's a harem but if you don't mind by all means go ahead. linkffn (12297781) linkffn (9144800)Naruto roared mentally, eyes practically drilling a hole through the Uzumaki Milf's giant tits, mouth drenching comically when he thought of all the possibilities. The number of ways he could fondle, suck and drain every drop of milk from those fat tits. But…. Naruto Uzumaki was nothing if not unbelievably smart.

Unbeknownst to him, somebody overseeing the timeline decides to bring back Kushina. Now, two blonde JInchuuriki and one former Jinchuuriki bring change by causing chaos. AKA: Kurama (post befriending Naruto and saving his life) says screw the timeline; he's playing by his own rules. And giving Naruto the parents he deserves.Breast Fucking. Uzumaki Naruto walked down the streets of Konohagakure, the Hokage's hat resting securely on his blonde head and the Hokage's cloak draped elegantly over his broad shoulders. In his hand he loosely held a thin leash attached to a collar worn a little too tightly around the neck of his pet.

jumble answer for today's puzzle Tsunade's Mama Mode By: Wally991. Legend says that there's nothing that can surpass a mother's love. Naruto would argue that a grandma's love is by far scarier. An overheard conversation when the blonde's is just five has unfathomable consequences. Consequences that he will have to painfully deal with. trillium movies showtimeshow to appeal amazon flex termination Samui decides to do a little pay back to Naruto by once again sucking onto his cock but this time taking all of it into her mouth, And so begins a trial of engras between the two blondes of brother and sister. 15 minutes later. With 15 minutes had passed, and the room is full of one sound at this moment and that is.Chapter 13: Who Let The Dogs Out. -Hana Inuzuka's hotel room-. *Knock knock*. The sound of someone's loud and obnoxious knocking on her door woke her up, groaning in annoyance Hana Inuzuka slowly gets up and walks over to the door. Opening it she rubs her eyes for a moment before opening them and was greeted to the face of Kurotsuchi, one of ... johnson brown funeral home lanett alabama Piecing Together a Heart By: sasdeadlock. Naruto is banished and runs from the world he knows. With a broken heart he sets out just to escape reality. What happens next is the long journey to becoming the next legend and finding what really matters. Just maybe the pieces of his heart can be put together again and the faith he once had in his ... temmie gifivie funeral home in commerceparker schnabels house Mikoto always being a loyal housewife but even she have limits especially married to man who couldn't even fulfill his roles as father and husband.And that's where our boy Naruto take his advantage but he underestimated how far mikoto can go and how unpredictable fugaku can be. Chapter 1. keystone Chapter 1:Faces. Today was a big day for Naruto. It was around 10 o'clock at night and Naruto was standing on the roof of the academy school. Naruto had been 21 for a couple of months now and Tsunade, who he considered to be his mother, had just passed the torch of being a Hokage to him about a year ago. He was wearing a red and white hat and a ... mean girls 2024 showtimes near grand 18 winston salemi 80 closure in wyomingjaaliyah The Fox Hidden in the Leaves By: MikeJV37. Naruto returns from his 3 year training mission with Jiraiya changed. This new Naruto will change the course of everyone's life in ways they never imagined. power Naruto, Naru/Hina, Fem Kyuubi, Naru/harem, straight/lez.Naruto blinks, pulled from his internal musings. Glancing over to the side, he can’t help but snort derisively as the owner of the hot spring, a Grade-A MILF with a rocking body, bounces up and down on his teacher’s cock. Jiraiya, for his part, accepts the civilian woman’s words with confident aplomb, chuckling in response before leaning ...